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Courses / Workshops 2022

Very limited spaces only so apply ASAP if interested


Mediumship foundation course.

A series of 6 individually themed workshops all working together to give a solid foundation from which to grow.

Fortnightly beginning April 9th

6 x £35

Psychic foundation course.

A series of 4 individually themed workshops.

Fortnightly beginning April 16th

4 x £35


Individual workshops of differing lengths covering the Reiki 1, Reiki II, Reiki Master, Reiki Master / Teacher levels. Click on the "See Below" for more.

See below

Mediumship Intermediates

A series of workshops putting into practice and further honing the skills learned on the foundation course


£60 each

Mediumship Advanced

Individual workshops for those already working in the field wanting to stretch themselves further.



Individual Workshops                                                                                                                                                       

Aura and Chakra

Combined workshop looking at the various energies around you and how you interpret them.

May 28th



Looking at various packs and their interpretations using intuition.

June 4th



Learn the basics about and then practice the ancient art

June 11th


Past Life

Don’t simply be told, come and find out for yourself who you have been.

June 25th


Reading Tea Leaves

Find the pleasure in tea leaf reading

August 6th



Basic techniques of journeying, etc.

August 13th


Visits / Days Out

Visits (different lengths) to very interesting places full of different energies where you can test your skills.



Each Level comes with a fully comprehensive manual.

All those successfully completing the levels will receive a certificate each time.

Reiki I      This is designed to introduce you to Reiki and it’s energy.                 Here you will get to know the history and find out how to                 use the energy for yourself

Reiki II      In this course you will delve deeper into Reiki energy, learn                 more of what it can do and how to use it. Be introduced to                 two powerful symbols and further enhance your self healing                 and work with others

Reiki III   You need to have taken First and Second Degree already,                and I recommend that you leave at least six months (longer                if not using regularly) between your Second Degree and                Master. An important part of the Master level is to fully open                to your intuitive powers and to explore the power of intent

Reiki IV   Also known as the Master / Teacher level this is where you                will be given all you need in order to go on to train others in                Reiki

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